Café Sabarsky

A Little Bit of Old Vienna

Neue Galerie Cafe Sabarsky Good Food Fifth Avenue“I grew up in Austria, and for me real comfort food is Wiener Schnitzel. Wiener Schnitzel and mashed potatoes because it reminds me of my youth… It reminds me when I grow up and it feels very comforting.”
— Wolfgang Puck (1949- )

This is one of the most beautiful restaurant spaces in New York City. The building, which houses Neue Galerie and Café Sabarsky, was once home to  Vanderbilt family members! The warm wood paneling; the large mirror above the mantelpiece, with the large vase of flowers set in front it, and the view of Central Park all combine to create a charming atmosphere of casual sophistication. All the restaurant’s decorative and functional elements—the chairs, the fabric covering the bankettes, the wall sconces—are Wiener Werkstätte designs; Neue Galerie is dedicated to Austrian art.
The food is delicious. The European air about the place is equally delicious. You can have a full meal, or only order dessert and coffee. For dinner the best time to visit is after Neue Galerie has closed, which is 6 PM.
Favorite Dish For dessert order the Café’s Apple Strudel; it is excellent. The garden salad, usually a common dish, is elevated to a tasty treat because pumpkin seed oil is used to dress it.
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Café Sabarsky’s lovely wood-paneled interior.

Address 1048 Fifth Avenue, this is the Neue Galerie. Café Sabarsky is within the museum.
Directions The entrance to the Neue Galerie is on East 86th Street, at the corner of Fifth Avenue. The entrance to Café Sabarsky is to the right after entering the building. Monday and Wednesday, 9 am to 6 pm; Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 9 am to 9 pm; Tuesday, Closed.
Phone 212.628.6200
Cuisine German/Austrian