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Cervantes, seen on the Greenwich Village Walking Tour.

Miguel de Cervantes, Greenwich Village Walking Tour

“Phil is great!  Took the Greenwich village walking tour today
(5/20/14) and it was wonderful. Phil is very knowledgeable and
really knows and loves the Village. I highly recommend this tour
to anyone. I’m a New Yorker and learned so much today. Thanks, Phil!”
—Brent C., Greenwich Village Walking Tour, May 2014

“This was a very informative walking tour. Phil is the most knowledgeable
tour guide I’ve ever had. If you’re interested in learning the history of
Greenwich Village, this is the tour to book. Highly recommended.”
—Christina CP, Greenwich Village Walking Tour, May 2014




Jefferson Market Library, part of the Greenwich Village Walking Tour

Jefferson Market Library, Greenwich Village Walking Tour

“Our walking tour of Greenwich Village with Phil was one of the highlights of our trip to New York. His humorous stories, personal insights, and hidden places made the hour and a half fly by. We’ll never feel like a stranger in this area again.”
—Paige L., Greenwich Village Walking Tour, July 2014

“Phil at Walk About New York was very knowledgeable and friendly! We booked at the last minute and Phil was glad to accommodate us. I especially liked that he used sms messaging to communicate our meeting point and tour duration so I had his direct contact information. Great experience and educational 2.5 hour walking tour of the Greenwich Village. Phil answered all of our questions and made us feel at home, highly recommend Phil as your tour guide.”
—Angel C., Greenwich Village Walking Tour, October 2014


Greenwich Village, Abingdon Square Park, Doughboy, Philip Martiny, Bronze Sculpture

World War I Memorial, Greenwich Village Walking Tour

“We took a lovely, informative, relaxed walk with Phil all over Greenwich Village last week, on a picture-perfect day. Phil is a font of knowledge about the nooks and crannies of the Village, showing us things which we ‘know-it-all,’ jaded NYers were delighted to learn and see for the first time. Recommended!”
—M.A.C., Greenwich Village Walking Tour, May 2014

“Phil is the best! He taught me so much about this great city! I am a life long New Yorker and I was so amazed by all the history that surrounds us. Cannot wait for my next tour with him!”
—Laura S., Greenwich Village Walking Tour, December 2014

“I want to thank you for your time and effort on our tour of Greenwich Village. Everyone enjoyed it very much. Your insights and presentation were informative, and made for a lovely morning.”
—Dan N., Greenwich Village Walking Tour, December 2014


George Washington, Union Square, Five Squares and a Circle, Evacuation Day, Bronze, Horse, Equestrian,

George Washington, Five Squares and Circle Tour

“This was a comprehensive tour with a knowledgeable leader. I would highly recommend it to tourists and New Yorkers. Phil, our guide, was a delight. Bravo!”
—Beth S., Five Squares and a Circle Tour, August 2014

“I have lived in NYC for 14 years and saw things I have never taken the time to notice! The guide was very knowledgeable and entertaining. The tour was very well organized. I learned a lot and would highly recommend this tour for city residents as well as tourists.”
— Gretchen A., Five Squares and a Circle Tour, August 2014

“My mother and I greatly enjoyed this tour. I’m a local and she’s from out of town and we both found it informative and interesting. Our guide, Phil, was intelligent and funny and his passion for the city and it’s history is evident. Highly recommended. We plan to do other tours with him.”
— Robert H., Five Squares and a Circle Tour, November 2014


Five Squares and a Circle Tour, Admiral Farragut, Madison Square Park, Augustus St. Gaudins, Bronze, Stanford White

Admiral Farragut, Five Squares and a Circle Tour

“Five Square and a Circle Tour is great for people unfamiliar with NYC history. As you move uptown you can see public spaces getting smaller and grayer as the city develops around them, until you get up to Columbus Circle and the entrance to Central Park. Phil is a phenomenal guide. He is pleasant, knowledgeable and supremely interested in sharing his love for the city with others. Especially recommended for people interested in the architectural development of the city.”
Ian T., Five Squares and a Circle Tour, September 2014

“Very enjoyable walking tour with an extremely knowledgable guide. As interesting as the squares are, the beautiful buildings along the route between the squares are equally wonderful to see and very well described by Phil. Definitely worth your time!”
Mary N., Five Squares and a Circle Tour, October 2014


Walk About New York, Five Squares and a Circle Tour, USS Maine Memorial Monument, Columbus Circle, Columbia Triumphant, New York City, Walking Tour, Guide Walking Tour

USS Main Memorial, Five Squares and a Circle Tour

“We did the Five Squares and a Circle Tour. Phil is a very engaging tour guide with years of experience. He has a passion for New York and relaying that information with enthusiasm. My son, who is 13 years old, enjoyed the tour very much. I would recommend this or any of his other tours. I took another tour with another guide, which was a huge mistake; and to put it nicely, it was a waste of time.”
—Elizabeth S., Five Squares and a Circle Walking Tour, April 2015

“I always try to do ‘new to me’ tourist things when I’m in NYC. This was an amazing tour. Phil, the tour director, was very knowledgeable about the history of so many things, including history and architecture. This is a wonderful tour and I highly recommend it.”
Janice P., Five Squares and a Circle Tour, May 2015


Central Park, Bethesda Fountain, Bethesda Terrace, Angel of the Waters, Emma Stabbins, Walk About New York, Central Park Walking Tour

Bethesda Fountain, Central Park Walking Tour

“It was a most enjoyable walk through Central Park while learning the history about the park. The guide was extremely knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend this tour.”
—Roz F., Central Park Walking Tour, October 2014

“Phil’s tour of Central Park was awesome today! We can’t wait to set up another tour soon.”
—Anna T., Central Park Walking Tour, November 2014

“Phil is an awesome tour guide! He is very informative, and not boring !”
—Sheri R., Central Park Walking Tour, October 2014



Central Park, John Lennon, Walking Tour, Walk Abut New York, Imagine, Mosaic, Strawberry Fields

Strawberry Fields, Central Park Walking Tour

“Phil is an excellent tour guide. I now know so much about Central Park through his knowledge and expertise. He is also personable and friendly. I am planning more excursions with Phil to learn so much more about Manhattan.”
—Grace P., Central Park Walking Tour, January 2015

“With my comfortable sneakers on, we had a tour of the park that was not strenuous, yet we covered a lot of territory. Our guide pointed out some remarkable things that none of us ever noticed before, statues, bridges, etc. I loved how he embellished the tour with his tablet by showing pictures of the park from decades before. I thoroughly enjoyed the tour.”
— Jan G., Central Park Walking Tour, October 2014



Central Park Walking Tour, Central Park, The Falconer, New York,

The Falconer, Central Park Walking Tour

“Took the Tour of Central Park and it was wonderful. It was a three hour walking tour and we loved it. Highly recommend it if you are visiting New York City. Bring your walking shoes!”
—Diane M., Central Park Walking Tour, March 2015

“This tour was very informative. It’s amazing how many facts Phil shared during the tour. Phil uses his iPAD to share historical photos of the park and the surrounding area which serves to provide one with a view of the past. I would strongly recommend to both New Yonkers and tourists alike.”
—Lou B., Central Park Walking Tour, April 2015

“It was great. Phil, the tour guide, was very knowledgeable about the history of the park. He waited for us to take pictures and he answered all our questions. We felt like we were walking with a friend.”
—Vilma M., Central Park Walking Tour, September 2015


Walk About New York, Central Park Walking Tour, Central Park, Cleopatra’s Needle, New York, Guided Walking Tour, Walking Tour

Cleopatra’s Needle, Central Park Walking Tour

“Both your Greenwich Village and Central Parks tours were amazing. Phil provided us with so much interesting and unique information that we never knew, even when it came to certain places that we have been to plenty of times before. His knowledge of all the areas and insight really showed us that there is still so much more to discover in our own backyard. He really made this a day my mom and I will always remember and cherish forever. Thank you so much. We hope to take another tour with you in the future.”
—Zina D., Greenwich Village and Central Park Walking Tours, April 2015

“Very enjoyable day in Central Park! Phil was very knowledgeable and did a wonderful job.”
—Barbara P., Central Park Walking Tour, June 2015


Central Park Walking Tour, Walk About New York, Central Park, Belvedere Castle, Vista Point, New York City, walking tour, guided walking tour

Belvedere Castle, Central Park Walking Tour

“Phil, our tour guide was pleasant, very knowledgeable & well-prepared. Enjoyed walking through different areas of Central Park, seeing interesting sites and learning about their history.”
Carol K., Central Park Walking Tour, September 2015

“Great tour! I would go again with this company anytime.”
—Helaine T. Central Park Walking Tour, September 2015





Subway Art Tou, Walk About New York, Tom Otterness, Bronze sculpture, Whimsy, Amusing, Sewer, Manhole Cover, Alligator, crocodile

W. 14th St. & Eighth Ave., Subway Art Tour One

“I had heard about this tour a while ago. I wanted to do the tour and finally made it happen. I’m so glad I did! Our guide, Phil, is a licensed New York City Tour Guide and he knows his stuff! He had such wonderful stories to tell about the artworks we saw. It was a fascinating view of things most of us simply walk past without giving any of it much thought. I would recommend this tour even if you are a local! Definitely an interesting, fun and unusual things to do around town!”
—Eric B., Subway Art Tour One, December 2014

“We had a great time with Phil. He is very knowledgeable and had researched the subway art extensively. We saw art in the subway that we had never noticed before. Phil took lots of time to answer all our questions. It’s a great way to learn about New York. Can’t wait to do Phil’s other walking trips: Greenwich Village, Central Park.”
Joan W., Subway Art Tour One, January 2016



Columbus Circle, Subway Art Tour One

“The Subway Art Tour was informative and entertaining. Phil is very knowledgeable about the subject and knows the subway like the back of his hand. Highly recommended; definitely a fun way to spend 2 1/2 hours in NYC!”
—John S., Subway Art Tour One, June 2015

“Have you ever wondered, as you wait for the subways, who did some of the art works at the stations and what they signify? Well, here is the chance to find out as you hop on and off several subways with Phil as your guide. This is a fun and informative tour for both locals as well as for visitors to New York while escaping from the element outside. I had a very enjoyable afternoon on a snowy Sunday, and learned something new about these art works I have seen many time in passing.”
—Kayo U., Subway Art Tour One, March 2015


Walk About New York, Subway Art Tour, New York, Walking Tours, Guided Walking Tours

Union Square, Subway Art Tour One and Two

“We took the Subway Art Tour with Phil and it was a very interesting and fun tour. He really knows the subway and the history of all the artwork. I’m sure many people everyday pass by all this lovely art and never even notice it! He was able to answer all our questions and the 2 1/2 hours just flew by. I wish we would have been in NYC a little longer so we could take some of his other tours. He was also kind enough to schedule this tour for us at a time when it is not normally given. Thanks for making an exception Phil! Very quick response on emails and he was even kind enough to walk us half way to a restaurant we were looking for. Customer service at its best! Don’t hesitate to book any tour with Phil!”
Karen B., Subway Art Tour One, June 2015




Astor Place, Subway Art Tour Two


“My teenage son has special needs and is interested in and knowledgeable about the NYC subway system. This tour combined my interest in art with his interest in the underground world of the subways. The subway art tour was fascinating. Phil was an enthusiastic and knowledgeable tour guide and his route is well planned. I would highly recommend this tour for anyone who likes art adventures.”
—Nancy H., Subway Art Tour One, March 2016

“Hank and I want to thank you for a wonderful afternoon below ground on your subway tour of art. We thoroughly enjoyed your knowledge about the art and the artists, and we look forward to walking with you again. Please put us on your email list so that we can keep up with you. Thanks again.”
— Lois and Hank P., Subway Art Tour One, January 2016


59th Street, Subway Art Tour Three

“I am a native New Yorker; and I love subway art. I took this tour hoping to see stations that I had never ventured to. Not only did I see art that I had never seen before, I learned more about art that I had previously seen. Phil is very knowledgeable! He teaches about the artist, their inspiration for their subway piece and he discusses the materials they use. I highly suggest this tour. It is a fantastic way to spend a few hours. It is NOT just for tourists. Honestly, even if you have seen lots of subway art, this tour is for you.”
—Melissa F., Subway Art Tour Three, March 2017





Historic Stop, Gay Village Walking Tour

“I am a gay man and have lived in New York since 1978 and thought I knew a great deal about New York’s gay storied past until my partner and I took Phil’s tour. Phil is a warm, friendly guy whose love for New York and deep appreciation for gay trailblazers spills over into his story telling. Find the time, take the journey with Phil. You’ll learn something and be glad for it. Thanks Phil!”
Michael G., Gay Village Walking Tour, April 2015

“My wife and myself took this tour. It was informative, well presented and well paced. We learned a lot and enjoyed it very much. Highly recommended.”
Boris K., Gay Village Walking Tour, May 2015





Gay Liberation Monument, Gay Village Walking Tour

“My group enjoyed beautiful weather as we walked with and listened to our tour guide. He had some great stories to tell us that kept us intrigued and engaged. He also was able to weave stories together in an interesting way because of how many of the famous LGBT residents related to each other. His tour covered a few different eras and covers figures in both business and politics. My entire group agreed that this was most certainly a worthwhile experience.”
—Marc B., Gay Village Walking Tour, June 2015

“Outstanding. Well-organized, enthusiastic, and interactive.”
—Mark R., Gay Village Walking Tour, May 2015





Historic Stonewall Inn, Gay Village Walking Tour

“On Sunday past I took a tour of ‘Gay Greenwich Village’ with Phil as part of the Jane’s Walk weekend. Phil is an excellent tour leader; he is knowledgeable, comes armed with photos on an iPad, and conducts a very comprehensive tour. So kudos to him.”
—Denise M., Gay Village Walking Tour, May 2016






Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn, Gay Graves, Gothic Gates, Richard Upjohn, Leonard Bernstein, Louis Moreau Gottschalk, Violet Oakley, Emma Stebbins, Fred Ebb, Hiking Tour, LGBT, National Historic Landmark, Gay, Graves, Paul Jabara

Green-Wood Cemetery Gate, Gay Graves Tour

“Phil—incredibly knowledgeable about both the denizens of Green-Wood and the cemetery’s own lore—knows his stuff. Phil led us through many a winding path and hill. He took us to the graves of Paul Jabara …; Leonard Bernstein …; and Jean-Michel Basquiat. ”
—Joseph H., the Gay Graves Tour, October 2014
Read Joseph’s entire blog post about his experience with the Gay Graves Tour at Visiting Gay Graves at Green-Wood Cemetery

“What an AMAZING day. The great tour guide Phil took us all over Green-Wood Cemetery. Such history and what great exercise on such a gorgeous autumn day. I highly recommend it as a NYC bucket-list thing to do.”
—Patrick C., Gay Graves Tour, October 2014


Gay Graves Tour, Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn, Walk About New York, Lenoard Bernstein, Battle Hill

Leonard Bernstein’s gravestone, Gay Graves Tour

“Very informative and fun day spent at Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn. Can’t wait to go on the other city tours with Walk About New York. Heard about this on Out-Q on the Frank DeCaro Show on SiriusXM.
—Johnny B., Gay Graves Tour, October 2014

“Phil gives an amazing Gay Graves Tour at Green-Wood Cemetery. He is very knowledgeable and has really done his research. I highly recommend this tour!”
—Brent C., Gay Graves Tour, May 2015

“Phil was an amazing tour guide for myself and co-workers! It was a beautiful day and Phil’s knowledge of the tour made the experience better. I highly recommend this tour!”
—Donna P., Gay Graves Tour, September 2016






Flatiron Building, Fifth Avenue, 23rd Street, Broadway, architectural detail

An architectural detail from the façade of the Flatiron Building, Fifth Avenue, 23rd Street and Broadway.

Atlas Fifth Avenue limestone architectural detail

A limestone architectural detail on a Fifth Avenue apartment house: Atlas, carrying the weight of the heavens.