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George Washington, Union Square, Five Squares and a Circle, Evacuation Day, Bronze, Horse, Equestrian,

George Washington, Five Squares and Circle Tour

“This was a comprehensive tour with a knowledgeable leader. I would highly recommend it to tourists and New Yorkers. Phil, our guide, was a delight. Bravo!”
—Beth S., Five Squares and a Circle Tour, August 2014

“I have lived in NYC for 14 years and saw things I have never taken the time to notice! The guide was very knowledgeable and entertaining. The tour was very well organized. I learned a lot and would highly recommend this tour for city residents as well as tourists.”
— Gretchen A., Five Squares and a Circle Tour, August 2014

“My mother and I greatly enjoyed this tour. I’m a local and she’s from out of town and we both found it informative and interesting. Our guide, Phil, was intelligent and funny and his passion for the city and it’s history is evident. Highly recommended. We plan to do other tours with him.”
— Robert H., Five Squares and a Circle Tour, November 2014


Five Squares and a Circle Tour, Admiral Farragut, Madison Square Park, Augustus St. Gaudins, Bronze, Stanford White

Admiral Farragut, Five Squares and a Circle Tour

“Five Square and a Circle Tour is great for people unfamiliar with NYC history. As you move uptown you can see public spaces getting smaller and grayer as the city develops around them, until you get up to Columbus Circle and the entrance to Central Park. Phil is a phenomenal guide. He is pleasant, knowledgeable and supremely interested in sharing his love for the city with others. Especially recommended for people interested in the architectural development of the city.”
Ian T., Five Squares and a Circle Tour, September 2014

“Very enjoyable walking tour with an extremely knowledgable guide. As interesting as the squares are, the beautiful buildings along the route between the squares are equally wonderful to see and very well described by Phil. Definitely worth your time!”
Mary N., Five Squares and a Circle Tour, October 2014


Walk About New York, Five Squares and a Circle Tour, USS Maine Memorial Monument, Columbus Circle, Columbia Triumphant, New York City, Walking Tour, Guide Walking Tour

USS Main Memorial, Five Squares and a Circle Tour

“We did the Five Squares and a Circle Tour. Phil is a very engaging tour guide with years of experience. He has a passion for New York and relaying that information with enthusiasm. My son, who is 13 years old, enjoyed the tour very much. I would recommend this or any of his other tours. I took another tour with another guide, which was a huge mistake; and to put it nicely, it was a waste of time.”
—Elizabeth S., Five Squares and a Circle Walking Tour, April 2015

“I always try to do ‘new to me’ tourist things when I’m in NYC. This was an amazing tour. Phil, the tour director, was very knowledgeable about the history of so many things, including history and architecture. This is a wonderful tour and I highly recommend it.”
Janice P., Five Squares and a Circle Tour, May 2015



Flatiron Building, Fifth Avenue, 23rd Street, Broadway, architectural detail

An architectural detail from the façade of the Flatiron Building, Fifth Avenue, 23rd Street and Broadway.

Atlas Fifth Avenue limestone architectural detail

A limestone architectural detail on a Fifth Avenue apartment house: Atlas, carrying the weight of the heavens.