Reviews—Art of Rockefeller Center Walking Tour

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“Mercury”, Art of Rockefeller Center Walking Tour

“I’ve lived in NYC most of my life, and never noticed many of the marvelous sights Phil explained on his tour. He spoke with humor and intelligence, moved us along at a comfortable pace, and taught us an awful lot. I brought 3 friends and we all had a marvelous time. I highly recommend this tour for long-time NYC residents, like me, tourists, and history buffs of all ages. I look forward to taking more of Phil’s tours in the future.”
Christina C., Art of Rockefeller Center Walking Tour, October 2021





“The Story of Man”, Art of Rockefeller Center Walking Tour

“Phil used a microphone and small speaker so we could all hear him as he led us on an informative and illuminating walking tour around the buildings that comprise the Rockefeller Center complex. Using his iPad, he showed us multiple images of the Center when it was under construction and closeups of the many pieces of art that are an integral part of the Center. He was deeply informed about what we were seeing and chose a navigational path that made sense, all of that was much appreciated. But best of all was his pointing out the details of the artwork with historical references and interesting bios of the artist. I ‘saw’ work that I have passed by many times but never noticed. Topnotch.”
—Marcy, Art of Rockefeller Center Walking Tour, May 2019



“Atlas,” Art of Rockefeller Center Walking Tour

“This writer has lived in New York City all her life, and has walked through Rockefeller Center hundreds of times, but never knew the history of the development or the art installations until taking this tour. Phil, your guide, has researched the art which decorates the exteriors and interiors, and knows the history of the buildings—inexorably tied to New York’s history, particularly of the Depression and financial dominance of the Rockefellers—and of most of the pieces. He uses an amplifier to make it easier to hear his descriptions, something which is helpful on a workday Tuesday, when the area is crowded and noisy. There are some stairs but a lot of stops, so even though the tour is more than two hours long, it isn’t a ‘hike.’ Of course you could walk through and around the area on your own, but if you don’t take this tour, you will miss much of the art and background of Rockefeller Center.”
—Janet G., Art of Rockefeller Center Walking Tour, Oct. 2019


“News,” Art of Rockefeller Center Walking Tour

“We enjoyed Phil’s Art of Rockefeller Center Walking Tour immensely. He made it fun and we love his sense of humor! His organization of the tour, use of a small amplifier, and impeccable knowledge of the art and history made the experience interesting and easy for us to follow.  We were amazed with the amount of information we absorbed within the two-hour span. We look forward to taking future tours with you and telling our friends about it.”
—Pat B., Art of Rockefeller Center Walking Tour, Oct. 2019

“Our guide Phil was fun and full of information. The tour lasted almost 3 hours just in and around Rockefeller Center. It was a great way to spend a sunny Saturday afternoon.”
—Peggy C., Art of Rockefeller Center Walking Tour, June 2018


“Wisdom,” Art of Rockefeller Center Walking Tour

“Excellent tour. Guide was very informative and pointed out most of the key sculptures, reliefs and paintings in and outside the buildings of the Rockefeller Center complex. He also had photos on his i-Pad which illuminated what the area looked like in the past before Rockefeller Center was built up. He had a good command of the historical background. His overall presentation was so engaging that we are eager to take additional tours of this type.”
—Joel T., Art of Rockefeller Center Walking Tour, Oct. 2017