Subway Art Tour Five

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Straphangers of yesteryear ride with us.

Ceramic mosaic botanicals enliven platform walls.

King of Clubs: is it card playing or something else?

Wildlife swims, flies and crawls through one stop.

Mosaic trees grow underground.

This is one of the most amusing artworks on this Tour!

Ceramic gulls fly through a glass mosaic sky.

Most of the route for Subway Art Tour Five travels through the beautiful borough of Brooklyn! This completely new route continues our journey through the museum at the core of the Big Apple. After two stops in Lower Manhattan, where we see several artworks, Tour Five moves into Brooklyn. Four of the artworks date from late 2018. From examples of picturesque 19th-century Bay Ridge houses to several colorful abstract artworks to the historic story of the subway Tour Five is a look at diverse public art. Take the Tour; Know More!

The first subway train set off in 1904 from City Hall; some of what we will see dates from those early years. From that time to the present, art has been a part of New York’s subway system. In the subway’s early years the art mainly was directional and identifying mosaics. Because of their durability tile mosaics, in the early 20th century, as well has in the 21st century, have been the preferred medium for works of art.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) owns one of the most extensive public art collections in the country, if not the world. The grander projects are within the stations. Within the subways cars there are smaller examples of the MTA Arts and Design’s program. In addition to amusing and entertaining illustrations in the train cars a project called Poetry in Motion give straphangers something to engage their thoughts. For the Shuttle between Times Square and Grand Central Terminal, the cars themselves become a canvas, albeit for advertising; nonetheless, the result is impressive.

The art is not limited to the walls of the subway stations and their passageways. If we are lucky we will see performance art too. Musicians and puppeteers use the subway’s passageways to entertain riders moving from one subway line to another line, and as a greeting to riders when they enter through the turnstiles. Some musicians also use the subway platforms as a performance stage; and some even put on a show in the subway cars. These performers are seeking donations. The level of your generosity is up to you.

PLEASE NOTE you will need a MetroCard to take advantage of this tour. A MetroCard is not included in the tour price.

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Only one swipe of your MetroCard is needed to gain access to a fascinating art museum at the core of the Big Apple. We gather inside the Greenwich Street entrance to the Oculus, part of the World Trade Center complex. The Tour ends at the 86th Street station in Brooklyn, where there is art to see! Wear comfortable shoes. Although we ride the trains from station to station, there are numerous flights of steps to ascend and descend along the route; and we walk the length of most subway platforms. You will get a good workout on this Tour! Travel light; carrying too many bags will interfere with your enjoyment of the Tour.

Come along, let’s talk about and walk about New York!

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Don’t see this Tour when you want to book it? Contact us by e-mail; we will try to arrange a date that is good for you.