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Henrietta Hudson, Gay Village Bar Crawl

“I’ve taken many different types of NY tours throughout the years, but the Gay Village Bar Crawl with Phil as the congenial tour guide was a definite high point making most other tours look like trivial scripted robotic recordings. Phil’s tour was mostly a tour of the Greenwich Village gay life, and his delivery of the information seemed very much off the cuff and quite spontaneous inviting response from the participants in a friendly way I’ve never encountered. He also had his trusted Tablet with him for pictures to back up historic moments which definitely enlightened the many facts he had read about or personally encountered in his life. Anyone taking one of Phil’s tours will leave that tour feeling like he was mentally enriched by a personal friend rather than a robotic tour guide.”
—Greg J., Gay Village Bar Crawl for the NYU LGBTQ Alumni Network, May 2018


Ty’s Bar, Gay Village Bar Crawl

“We had a great time with Phil on the Gay Village Bar Crawl Tour. He took us to many cool houses in the West Village I would never have noticed before. Phil was very knowledgeable and I feel like I could have talked to him about NYC history for hours. I loved that he had a microphone amplifier. if I was a tour guide I would definitely get one of those! He didn’t have to yell and it was easy to hear him. The bar crawl part made this tour not just educational but so very fun. You got to socialize with other history lovers. Would definitely recommend!”
—Aly M., Gay Village Bar Crawl for the NYU LGBTQ Alumni Network, May 2018





Stonewall, Gay Village Bar Crawl

“I. Love. Phil. He was a very knowledgeable tour guide, and I really enjoyed the places he stopped on the Gay Village Bar Crawl. It was a combination of stopping at bars and at other historical places in the neighborhood, which was cool. Phil would come out with some zingers every so often, making it a fun experience overall. He had a handy microphone to amplify his voice, but it wasn’t too obnoxious like some other tour guides. Would definitely go on another tour with him!”
—Nicole C., Gay Village Bar Crawl for the NYU LGBTQ Alumni Network, May 2018